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Hello World and welcome to the super outer planets trilogy as part of the Millennial Astrologer’s series on Essential Needs as seen throughout our Solar System. URANUS! The great disruptor, the improbable, the slightly wacky genius and the funky rebel of us all. What’s the deal with this ice giant? Well, astronomically, it is indeed quite peculiar. Apart from rotating east to west unlike most others who rotate west to east, it’s the only planet that actually revolves sideways around the Sun. This means that from its point of view, you wouldn’t see a sunrise and sunset every day, but rather you’d see it gradually be brighter on one pole, then the opposite, for periods of 21 years. It just does everything different. Even its magnetic field is lopsided! It just tells you how relevant it is to associate this planet with arguably the most eccentric sign of the zodiac. Note here, that the word ‘eccentric’ does literally come from the Latin words for “out of the centre”—which, again, highlights the symbolism surrounding this peculiar entity. So, what does astronomical eccentricity mean with regards to our human psyche? Well, in your chart, Uranus will symbolise anything in your personality or circumstances surrounding certain areas of your life which are unique, assuredly different, and where you might just not bother to be like the rest. And by this, I don’t mean that you’ll do anything at any cost to be different. When Uranus has a healthy expression, it usually happens in a natural way. Unexpected choices or unconventional thinking just happen. It’s when you might find yourself cornered into conservatism that Uranus starts to retaliate with sudden destructive outbursts. It’s a release of energy, a bit like thunderstorms. Fittingly, Uranus is also associated with electricity. Where Uranus is concerned, we also have this almost instant understanding of a situation, or of broader-scale realities, almost as if by intuition. That is, unlike Mercury, which is it is said to be the higher octave of, it doesn’t just gather facts to learn and communicate. Instead, Uranus processes everything pretty much at lightning speed and is able to draw spectacular conclusions from amassed data. It’s not a psychic process more than a deeply informed, sometimes unconscious accumulation of information. Which makes the uranian person appear surprisingly uncommon and often mesmerising.

And with this, I wish you many happy surprises and beautifully unexpected paths to self-growth. 💗 With Love, your Millennial Astrologer.

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