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Saturn, the looming, imposing jewel of our solar system. Let me start off by saying that Saturn really does deserve more love from us all. Because of course, most of us look forward to having to deal with Saturn with the same enthusiasm as we look forward to a grey day with heavy skies. Perhaps you’ve heard of the dreaded “Saturn Return” or afflicting natal aspects or harsh transits Saturn is capable of doing. In ancient times, it was even viewed as one of the most ruthless malefics (yes, there has been and seems to still be in some astrological beliefs the idea that some planets may be more positive or negative than others—that’s a question on its own worth exploring in another post, but suffice for now to say that I do not at all agree with such a position). And, before we discovered Pluto, the planet now identified as transpersonal, and the one carrying with itself some of our heaviest human sides, such as death, fears, wounds, taboos, etc., all of this was in fact carried by Saturn alone.

The reality is, though, that Saturn is far from that horrible gloom-and-doom we too easily associate with it. In our distorted human eyes, it’s as if we are looking at it like a child fears their authoritative father. Well, the good news is that your father loves you, and the reason why he chooses to be so authoritative is that truly, he wants you to learn discipline—so you can, ultimately, be empowered to do great things. Things that will last you even beyond your death. We’re very good at emotional projection, be it on our flatmates, our gods or our astral neighbours. Saturn is by no means a sadistic planet. It just has a tendency to be more obvious than most, for the simple reason that it is the planet of structures. A structure is much easier to identify than, say, an emotion (looking at you, Moon). Unlike the latter, it’s much less likely to creep up on you. Look at it in the solar system, even! It’s maybe the most iconic planet of all, with its rings and its striking appearance. There is a palpable fascination towards it. Of course, because it’s a beautiful example of great work—and getting your life together! So, instead of only looking at Saturn like the planet where you may face hardships in your life, look up to it like a mentor: it’s there for a reason. It gives you energy, a will and a drive to work and do great things in that area. For instance, a 3rd house Saturn is great for writers, even if you start off a bit shy. Or a 7th house Saturn is a great tool to learn to build healthy trust in closer relationships. And so on and so forth.

With this, I wish you the ambition to do great good—and will catch up in the next post, where I’ll be discussing Uranus, the great distruptor!

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