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Let’s talk about JUPITER! It’s an expansive, gas-filled planet, by far the biggest of them all, with an extreme gravitational pull. It has even been theorised that Jupiter is a pillar of our Solar system — meaning that its gravitational pull quite probably contributes to keeping the inner planets (from Mercury to Mars) in place. Let’s look at what this might signify in terms of symbolism. In ancient mythology, Jupiter was the king of gods – and what could be more kingly than this giant of giants! The equivalent of Zeus who was not only regal, but also quite a bit of an adventurer, Jupiter might be the one that we look up to for personal growth. Symbolically, when linking this to our inner psyche, we can see where this takes us: FAR. It’s the eternal optimistic gambler who’s kind of bored of the same old every day nothing new routine. It seeks expansion, quests, and growth. So it’ll happily gamble its way to a new place because what can be worse than a soul-crushing meaningless life? Jupiter is the planet that is convinced leaving your comfort zone will make you “go places”. It’s that one planet you look up to when you want to be inspired for something grand. And, depending on your chart, it’ll tell you what kinds of gambles are likely to be fruitful, and in which areas of your life. In short, Jupiter is the need for growth.

Voilà! Next up, we’ll take a serious look at Saturn. By the way you can follow me on social media, especially on Facebook and Twitter where I’m most active. With love always, your Millennial Astrologer.

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