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Hello fellow admirers of the skies! In this series, I discuss 10 different planets and unveil some of their secret powers in shaping some of our most fundamental needs. So in the previous post, we saw that Venus is the planet that gets closest to Earth. The reason that I link those two is that the Earth is right in the middle of them! Which means that on one side we get to dance with Venus, and then at some point we switch partner to get Mars come a bit closer. In astronomy, It may happen, following the orbiting cycles, that as Venus is farther away from Earth, Mars may enter at a distance which is then actually closer than the one at which Venus stands. So even though it never gets as close to Earth as Venus can, Mars is the only other planet that gets to see Earth from such a close vantage point. Another thing to note is that it is the first planet in the solar system that fully orbits outside of the Earth’s orbit. Symbolically, it takes all its sense then to associate it with Aries: the sign that starts the wheel of the zodiac.

In astrological terms, Mars is the planet of self-assertion, courage, action, drive and energy. That’s why it’s often associated with violent actions and very physical realities, especially surrounding the body. So, how do we connect it with our personal psyche? This is the first real outward-going planet. This is where we find our drives and passions, and impulses for what turns us on and what we’re innately ready to put energy into. Accordingly, the sign where Mars is at birth will tint how we like to manifest those efforts and the house, in which areas of life. Mars may explain how athletes have different training styles, or how artists like to focus their waking hours’ energies, for instance. Maybe most importantly, it will also say how you psychologically and physically take your place—a Pisces Mars might be more subtle than, say, a Sagittarius Mars. Voilà! So, self-assertion, courage, action, drive, energy—and outward motion. As always, thanks for reading, and let’s catch up in the next post, where we’ll explore the realms of expansive Jupiter! 🤩

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