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Here’s 4th, *magical and creative*, wanderer: Venus! Planet of Beauty & The senses. That includes love, pleasure, æsthetics, harmony.

When the Ancient first noticed Venus in the sky, they called it the Evening Star or the Morning Star, because it would shine for about an hour after the Sun had set, and then would set itself. Then it would rise again, one hour before the Sun itself would rise, outshining it. That said, still, after the Sun and the Moon, it’s the brightest planet in our sky. There must have been a real fascination for Venus in earlier times, because it had several names and her wanderings were the first to be mapped out across the skies by the ancients. It was seen as the bearer of light because it was so bright. The Babylonians called her “The Bright Queen of the sky”. Astronomically, Venus gets closer to Earth than any other planet.

It’s no surprise, then, that a bright, fascinating dancing light of the night, which flirts with Earth, would be associated with everything that has to do with flirtation in our day-to-day life. When you think about it, often, when we’re attracted to someone, we tend to idealise them (see only their light) – that’s a little how Venus works astrologically. Anything that uses seduction is governed by Venus. Now, what you’re seduced by or how you actually are seduced will depend on the Venus placement in your own chart. But since Venus actually does get closest to Earth than any other planet, it would also make sense that more than just seduction, Venus is also the planet of relationships. Venus knows the point of view of this privileged person that we will allow to enter in our life so closely. As such, it’s the ruler of the 7th house of relationships and of Libra, the expert at relating to others. And how is a relationship likely to last and be successful? With harmony and pleasure. Of course, it goes without saying that a good relationship should be a fair relationship (hence Libra representing a scale). But pleasure too often is dismissed as this sinful enjoyment of life, as if anything we enjoy should bring us guilt. In fact, the more we deny ourselves pleasure, the more Venus is seen as a “dangerous temptation”. And THAT’s where excesses happen. The reality is, we also need to relax. And in order to relax, we need to feel comfortable. It’s no coincidence Venus should be a ruler of Taurus. The Taurus archetype is our expert for enjoying life, the beauty of life, at every moment, in the simplest of its manifestations. The beauty of life can literally mean enjoying a lazy nap in the sun in the park, but also any artistic experience—just think about how relaxing it is to binge watch Netflix in bed. 😊 Taurus is also very well known for its financial stability and material comfort. So, here’s a quick tip for you: where Venus is in your chart can be indicative of how money gets to you!

So, now that we’ve done this overview of Venus, I encourage you to have a good time, enjoy a good meal, and make yourself feel good—and manifest your love to your close ones however you can. With this, I bid you farewell, and will see you in the next post, where we take a look at our other closest planet, Mars!

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