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Hi there! In this series, I discuss 10 different planets and unveil some of their secret powers in shaping some of our most fundamental needs, and now it’s time to delve into some of our most mysterious, hidden sides: our Need for Emotional Safety, and this is represented by the Moon, our nightly luminary. Many astrologers believe that the Moon also indicates the true nature of our soul. So, if we think about it, when we picture physical safety, we might imagine a shelter. For the soul though, a shelter might not be enough – it might need to know that it’s also well-surrounded or, on the contrary, not constantly harassed. Ultimately, the astrological birth chart might be a sort of symbolic blueprint of our soul, and all in all, every being on earth inevitably has a little bit of every sign of the zodiac in them. But the Moon, depending on where it is placed in the sky, will colour our most fundamental emotional needs, and that is where we can see how we can best achieve emotional safety. When studying the human psyche, we realise that emotional safety is often linked to early childhood and family—in other words, what we need to feel emotionally grounded. So, when the Sun is gone and the sky is dark, and our Sun gives way to our Moon, it is its silvery light that guides our nightly moves. That part of life is particularly more mysterious — the Moonlight is just enough for us to distinguish between different shades, but not quite enough for us to be as confident as we are roaming about during the day. Think of it like that—when we are guided by our emotions, we are in a much more instinctive place, where our imagination is considerably more creative, and where, in order to keep our cool, we need to know that we are safe. If we’ve done the walk a thousand times, it might feel a lot less scary to get home than if we’re going to some place for the first time at night, not really knowing the way. In that sense, if we are well grounded, and if we know our emotional roots, then our Moon is a lot more of a guide and a comfort than it is a scare. On the other hand, if we ignore our true emotions, then we can feel lost, deprived of ourselves and melancholic—continuously longing for belonging. With the help of our skies, we can better understand our needs for emotional safety, and tune in with our personal Moon. 😊✨ Next up: Mercury and the intellect!

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