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Hello fellow admirers of the skies! In this series, I discuss 10 different planets and unveil some of their secret powers in shaping some of our most fundamental needs, and now here comes our third Wanderer, Mercury, to tell us all about Inspiration. First of all, if we look at Mercury throughout its life amongst the stars, we’ll quickly realise that it’s never far from the Sun. It is, precisely, never more than two zodiac signs away from it. Astronomically, that is because of how rapid are its transits: the Sun basically never has time to get away from it, unlike with the farthest planets of our system, like Neptune, which takes some 165 years to go full circle, or Pluto, our champion of the nearly 250 year-cycle. That said, let’s apply these principles to our lives: in essence, if Mercury is never far from the Sun, one might be brought to suggest that our ideas are never far from ourselves. Or, as Descartes once elegantly put it, I think therefore I am. A big component of our need for inspiration is derived from our need for self-validation. That’s also why we’re talking more and more about echo chambers in the realms of social media: we feel a lot more comfortable when those with whom we relate most frequently think alike. Because, on the contrary, if we were constantly questioned in our convictions, we might have a much-weakened sense of self. In fact, that is exactly how gaslighting works. Mercury, in other words, is our guide for how we learn, how we understand our immediate reality and who the people within our reach are—whether they be siblings, neighbours or colleagues. Mercury governs our networks. Traditionally, it’s also known as the “messenger of the Gods”, meaning that if you were to receive a sacred piece of information, such as an answer to a serious question, or even a scientific revelation, surely it would have to arrive through Mercury. As such, having a healthy Mercury is like a spider with a well-tended web: it’s fine-tuned and alert enough to catch messages when they arrive, and it reacts in time to use them well. I’ll add here that intelligence, whilst an honorable quality to maintain, can all too often be perceived as successful exclusively through academic performances and abstract thinking. Astrology, though, if it teaches us anything, it is that diversity exists on every level, including the intellect. So, if your Mercury is in a water sign, don’t be surprised if your intellect is strongly coloured by intuition—likewise, if Mercury is in an earth sign, you might need to manually take notes or even reproduce the concept yourself before it really feels like you understand it, or just take more time—and that’s entirely valid. There isn’t one way that’s the absolute best in the world. Ultimately, there is one way that works best for you, and there’s always a reason for that. Maybe, with an intuitive Mercury, you’ve developed a deep compassion for people around you, and are able to bring them the comfort an engineer could never do. But, in contrast, that engineer can build structures that you can merely dream about. And that, to me, is the beauty of this world: we all have our expertise, and the more we accept each other’s differences, the happier we’ll be. 😊✨

On this, I wish you a healthy mind in a healthy self, and I’ll catch up with you in my next post, wherein I will be discussing the need for pleasure, embodied by lovely Venus.

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