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Hi and welcome to the Millennial Astrologer’s brand new blog! My name is Vanessa and I’ve always been interested in mythology, symbolism and the powerful, magical and mysterious ways of life. So, in an attempt to better understand the human psyche, I took a dive into evolutionary astrology, principles of which I’ll be sharing and discussing with you here. Follow my first series, as I look up to 10 different planets to share some of their secret powers in shaping some of our most fundamental needs.

– ☀️ –

I’m starting here, possibly with the most core-focused need of all: Identity and Life’s Purpose. That’s a big one, and it may, at least partly, explain why mainstream astrology almost always singles out our Sun sign. As is common knowledge, we all have one main star sign, determined by where amongst the stars the Sun was when we were born, and it explains why we sometimes call it star sign. But to reduce our entire personality to the twelve archetypes of the zodiac might make the human reality a little too unidimensional. For instance, it is true that Scorpios may have a tendency to be magnetic, all-sensing and ominously cynical. But I have yet to find a Scorpio who doesn’t also have other qualities, such as a cheerful disposition, a witty sense of humour or even a deep compassion for others—even if they’re, archetypally, supposed to be gloomy and manipulative. Nevertheless, the zodiac can, in fact, inform us on our purpose in this life. So, maybe not all Scorpios are relentless cynics, but all Scorpio Suns will, in their core identity, have a need for exceptional authenticity, a need to understand themselves and the world around them emotionally, and the need to heal and transform what is broken. The same cannot be said of all sings of the zodiac—an Aries, for example, has much more of a need to take action, and is a lot less into perception. The Libra will do anything to win at relationships, and that may mean being so seductive that they forget who they really are… Every sign has its own quirks, and every planet will shape our needs differently according to the sign it is in. But it’s when we really pay attention to what the planet says that we may be better in tune with ourselves. So, with astrology, we are able to determine what our Sun means for us. Once we’ve done that, and follow its particular path, then our core identity can express itself and shine like the sublime star that our Sun is. Astronomically, the Sun is the primary celestial body of our entire solar system – it’s literally what keeps everything together. Similarly, our physical health can reflect our psychological health. Think about it: if you live in a northern country like Canada or Sweden, chances are you know all about winter depression. Well, what’s happening then? You’re missing the vital daily presence of sunlight, from which you get vitamin D and normally are much more efficient. Think of it like that – your Sun is your astrological vitamin D. If you’re too long without it, you might get seriously ill and will probably need to make significant changes in your life in order to be well again. Once you do though, you’ll feel joyful again, awake, and ready to do what you came to this Earth to do all along. 😊✨

With this said, I wish you a wonderful sense of self, and hope that you catch the next blog post, wherein, now that we’ve basked in our particular shade of sunlight, we will bathe in our nightly moonlight, where I will be discussing our emotional needs and how our deepest inner roots connect to our closest astrological wanderer – the Moon 🌙!

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